Mack’s Morning News – 11-27-15 – Thanksgiving, Sandy Alderson, Daniel Murphy, Marcell Ozuna, Starlin Castro


Good morning.

First of all, I welcome you all back from your Thanksgiving festivities. We all had many reasons to be thankful this past baseball season, one that almost saw our previous New York Mets go all the way. One thing we can all agree on… they went far further than any of us thought they would go before the season started.

A few thoughts…

I think Mack’s Mets has the most intelligent ‘comment’ section of any Mets blog in existence. This of course translates into the fact that the site must also have the most intelligent and informed Mets fans on the web.

The thing I like the most about them is how everyone can come to the table each day and respectfully state their point against opposing opinions. Sure, there have been some testy exchanges, but other readers seem to police the site well and prevent anything from going over the top.

By the way… for those of you that ever wondered, Reese Kaplan and Bill Metsiac are good friends that just differ on their opinion of Terry Collins. They use this site to air their thoughts on that subject, in an amusing and professional manner.

I too have had my moments and now try to leave most of my opinions to my three Morning Reports on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Oh, I’ll still chime in when I read something that gives me a jolt, or when I’m directly asked a question, but, other than that, I now leave the majority of the comments section to ‘youze guys’.

We’re all a little frustrated right now with the lack of activing in the Met’s Hot Stove season and some of us have different opinions on how the Mets are handling this and the eventual outcome of the pre-season. I’ve been taking the high road, pointing out the new found health of both David Wright and Travis d’Arnaud, and the addition of Michael Conforto and Steven Matz. Other have questioned the ability to project good health for both Wright and d’Arnaud and question the Mets commitment of producing another winner through the usage of proper payroll levels befitting a large market team. Good. That’s what the comments section is for.

I’m going to continue to take the high road right now. I haven’t always and I didn’t think the Mets would make the playoffs last year as deep as halfway into the season, but Sandy Alderson waved his wand and proved me wrong. Nine second level pitching prospect later (jeez, was it really nine?) we had a team that won the National League pennant.

I also don’t expect him to add a huge payroll player like Yoenes Cespedes.

What I do expect, and I will be very upset if it doesn’t happen, is major help for the middle infield and relief pen. I want the infield help to stress defense, but, due to the fragile condition of Wright, bringing Daniel Murphy back does all of a sudden have its upside.

With that, let’s move on…

Let’s member to send your Q and A to me at: macksmets@gmail.com. I love answering the questions (in length) as part of one of my morning reports.

Fangraphs http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/one-marcell-ozuna-for-sale/ had a real interesting article on the availability of Marlins CF Marcell Ozuna -

Marcell Ozuna doesn’t have to be complicated. What’s his deal? He hits the ball hard.

Really hard. He has 30-home-run power, and if you’re being nice, he has 40-home-run power. Last year was a big step back for him, but even then, on batted balls captured by Statcast, Ozuna ranked 10th in baseball in average exit velocity among 152 players with at least 250 batted balls tracked. One-hundredth of a mile per hour ahead of Ozuna: Nelson Cruz. Two-hundredths behind him: Kendrys Morales. Ozuna tends to make real solid contact. When he makes contact.
That’s the strength, and what further separates Ozuna is that he’s also newly 25, and he plays a perfectly fine center field. To re-state all that: Ozuna is a young center fielder who could conceivably hit 30 dingers a year. He has four remaining seasons of team control, and because of the games the Marlins played, Ozuna didn’t qualify for Super Two. That was part of the problem between the parties in the first place, and now someone else will probably get to benefit.

Mack – Normally, I would rule out a divisional rival in a possible trade partner for someone as talented as Ozuna, but we know that the Marlins owner would sell his mother if he could rid his team of salary while, at the same time, secure team controlled prospects.

Juan Lagares probably doesn’t fit the profile here, but a package that included Brandon Nimmo could be the trick. Lagares could always be moved in a separate deal for someone to help the team.

Rafael Montero, and Amed Rosario could round out a decent package for the full assumption of the Ozuna contract. Josh Smoker or Akeel Morris could replace either.


And lastly

          Jason: People have been comparing young Cub hitters to young Met pitchers for the last year but what 1 for 1 trade between the two teams would make sense to you?

Dave Cameron: I think Castro/Wheeler is in the fair-ish range, because I'm not super high on Wheeler.

Mack – I’ve said a number of times that I’d like to see the Mets keep the Fab 5 together for the future, but I couldn’t help dropping the ‘C word’ again…



Happy Thanksgiving


Mack's Mets will be closed today.

Happy Thanksgiving




The 2015 National League Champion New York Mets will open their 2016 Grapefruit League schedule Thursday, March 3 vs. the Washington Nationals in Viera at 1:05 p.m. The Mets first home game will be Friday, March 4 vs. the Miami Marlins in Port St. Lucie, Fla. at 1:10 p.m. The Mets will play 29 exhibition games, including 14 home games at Tradition Field.
Season, group tickets and special ticket packages including the Yankees, Red Sox and weekend games will go on sale Monday, December 7 at 10 a.m. at Mets.com or by calling 772-871-2115. Single game tickets will go on sale Saturday, January 16 at 10 a.m. More information is available online at Mets.com, StLucieMets.com or by calling 772-871-2115.
The Mets will host the Yankees in Port St. Lucie Wednesday, March 9 at 1:10 p.m. and will travel to Tampa to take on their cross-town rivals on Tuesday, March 22 at 6:35 p.m. The Mets will also play the Boston Red Sox Sunday, March 20 in Port St. Lucie at 1:10 p.m.
Manager Terry Collins’ team will play the Nationals six times, the Marlins six times, the NL Central champion St. Louis Cardinals five times, the Atlanta Braves three times, the Detroit Tigers, Red Sox, Yankees and Houston Astros twice and will travel to play the AL East champion Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday, March 23 in Dunedin.
The Mets today also announced the launch of the 2016 Amazin’ Getaways Spring Training packages with four separate departures from New York scheduled for March 4March 11March 17 and March 25. All packages include hotel accommodations, rental car and game tickets.
The March 4, March 11 and March 17 packages also include an exclusive pre-game brunch and Meet and Greet with a Mets player. For more information about Amazin’ Getaways visit Mets.com/AmazinGetaways.
The Mets will open their 2016 Major League season on Sunday, April 3 at Kansas City at 8:35 p.m. (ET) on ESPN. The Home Opener isFriday, April 8 vs. Philadelphia at 1:10 p.m. at Citi Field.

Ernest Dove - Is Mets Prospect Amed Rosario Still Untouchable in Trade?


Picture of Rosario on deck in Port St. Lucie
  As the slow winter season continues to possibly take shape, I figured why not take this opportunity to write about one of my adored prospects, the now 20 yr old (happy belated bday) shortstop Amed Rosario. Ever since a certain shortstop won the batting title and was let go, the Mets have been desperately needing a long term placement to man the all important position in the infield.  Many have tried, few have succeeded.

  With the Mets rotation in place, all everone wants to talk about this off season is acquiring depth, a bullpen arm, possibly a star player and/or a big time or at least above average shortstop. As fans, many have longed for guys like a certain star who now plays for Toronto instead of that other star who once played for.....well you know.

  There's talk of the Mets looking options regarding Ian Desmond costs, along with the same old trade partner of the Cubs that still has not yet come together. In all, due to the thoughts of certain free agents being too pricey, there's the idea that Mets may prefer to go the trade route to acquire any star type players.  And, what would that cost the Mets?  We already know, leverage making or not, that the Mets publicly do not want to trade ANY of the 5 pitching studs still under team control.  We've also heard some rumblings about the Mets prefering to keep both TDA and Plawecki with the organization as well.   So, with Conforto now being pretty much officially a major league player, what is left for the Mets to offer in trade that has major value there on the open market?  Perhaps its the young Mr. Rosario.

  Over the past year i've read reports that Mets have also publicly stated no way Jose (that's like a slip of the name/term) on the possibly of trading Rosario.  I've also said here on Mack's Mets many times that I consider Conforto, Dom Smith and Conforto to have been untradeable under any/all circumstances over the past year, regardless of what would come back to the team.   So the question remains, what do the Mets (and me) still see in this young man?

  Look at his stats as a professional......Nothing jumps out at you.  He has 5 home runs in 238 minor league baseball games.  I believe Wilmer Flores doubled that by May last year.  He's a career .257 hitter in the minors.  And his OBP is at .302. The only time his OPS went over .700 was in what remains his best statistical season as a baseball player.  In 2014, as an 18 yr old playing way down in Brookly, Rosario hit .289, with a .337 OBP, .380 SLG and .717 OPS while playing 68 games before a late season promotion to join Savannah that year.  But, I always try my best to look more into the numbers when I can, and also take advantage of being about 80 miles from Tradition Field didn't hurt for me either.  So I made a few trips to lovely Port St Lucie.  I'm the guy who went to a game when Conforto, based on the box score, went 0-5. But, in reality, I watched Conforto destroy the ball to DEAD center for a long 400 foot out, along with a SHOT to left center that was tracked down. I also got to enjoy watching Dom Smith CRUSH a ball over the left field fence.........oh yeah it was just left of that stupid foul pole.........And then there was Amed Rosario.

  As I've stated in previous St. Lucie LIVE look in posts in the past year during these games, he has ridiculous range, speed and arm strength out there at SS.  I believe the bio's have him at 6 ft 2.  Not sure what your average shortstop is height wise, but he seems ok over there to me.  As far growing into his body, they list him at 170 and that sounds about right.  Kid definitely sports a baggy jersey if you know what I mean.  And I also do understand that a guy like Dom Smith certainly.....shall we say looks a little different now then he did when he got drafted out of high school.  But, Dom is a first baseman.  Anyone can fill out but Rosario seems to be ok in ability to hold on a little extra weight and definitely stay at the position.  Again, I can only describe in words what it was like to watch him vacuum up balls hit to him, either in the air or ground, on the fly or a chopper, and the ease of the throwing motion right to the target of the guy at first base.  Long story short this is not Wilmer Flores ladies and gentlemen. Im not sure if Rosario will ever come close to having Wilmer power at the plate, but he has the contact ability.  And, although Rosario did not homer in 2015, he did hit 20.....20 doubles in 103 games for St. Lucie. He's also a guy with 15 career triples in his career, and stole 13 bases in 2015. I also saw Rosario and my boy Jeff McNeil create some havoc on the bases, going first to third, second home, etc. with ease.  So, is this what the Mets are truly seeing, beyong the numbers?

  Im no expert.  I'm simply a guy with opinions who uses my non expert eyeball test.  I did randomly proclaim on this site before that what I saw was a teenage Anderlton Simmons at shortstop during those few games I watched Rosario LIVE in St. Lucie, and I'm not backing down from that.  Right or wrong, I see power from Dom Smith, a solid utility guy in Jeff McNeil, and a defensive Whiz in Rosario.  However the main thing I can't speak a bunch on is Rosario hitting.  I've seen him make contact.  I've seen him smack a 2 strike pitch, with a runner on third, past the second baseman to score a run.  However, I did not see any SOLID Conforto type contact during these games.  But it's contact nonetheless. I'll leave the extra analysis and discussions for the the experts.  But I'm still focused on the title of this article.

  Should the Mets hold onto Rosario?  He will play out the entire 2016 season as a 20 year old.  However, he will now most likely be at the AA level, so he's obviously close, regardless of his age.  We can't downgrade a guy and his potential when he already at this level.  And, of course, this continues to be the show me level of the minors.  I'm not sure what excitement Rosario can show while fielding in what I'm told is an awful infield in Vegas and pretty much most fields about there in the desert, so the focus should be on AA Bingo.

  It looks like Rosario remains at the highest of highs as far as projection, talent and possibly tradeability.  And with other guys below him in the minors putting up better stats at the position, along with Checchini having a breakout offensive season above him, what should the Mets do?     
  I personally still put Rosario and Dom Smith over ANY hitting prospect in this organization right now.  No offense to Brandon Nimmo, but the poor guy hasn't stayed healthy.  I also love the stats that a couple of other low minors shortstops put up in 2015, but they are OLDER than Rosario and playing at those lower levels.

  In my heart I believe that Rosario deserves every chance in the world to be the Mets furture shortstop, and if that means signing one year veterans for the next couple of years, or going with guys like Wilmer, Tejada, Checchini, Reynolds and company to hold the fort at close to minimum age while using money for star players at other positions, so be it.

  What say you Macks Mets? 

Mack's Morning Post - 11-25-15 - John Sickles


Good morning.

For some reason, Chris Soto didn't post this morning. Maybe he took an early Thanksgiving break.

Therefore, this shortened post will serve as the morning report.

BTW... we will be 'closed' tomorrow for the holiday.

John Sickles http://www.minorleagueball.com/2015/11/23/9784990/new-york-mets-top-20-prospects-for-2016 is out with his current top 20 Mets prospect list and it’s far less rated than Mets prospect lists have been in the past.

1) Steven Matz, LHP, Grade A-/A:
2) Dominic Smith, 1B, Grade B:
3) Amed Rosario, SS, Grade B:
4) Gavin Cecchini, SS, Grade B-:
5) Brandon Nimmo, OF, Grade B-:
6) Wuilmer Becerra, OF, Grade B-:
7) Desmond Lindsay, Of, Grade B-/C+:
8) Marcos Molina, RHP, Grade C+/B-:
9) Milton Ramos, SS, Grade C+:
10) Luis Carpio, SS, Grade C+:
11) Ali Sanchez, C, Grade C+:
12) Chris Flexen, RHP, Grade C+:
13) Eudor Garcia, 3B, Grade C+:
14) Andres Gimenez, SS, Grade C+:
15) Gregory Guerrero, SS, Grade C+:
16) Akeel Morris, RHP, Grade C+:
17) Jeff McNeil, INF, Grade C+:
18) Matt Reynolds, SS, Grade C+/C:
19) Max Wotell, LHP, Grade C+/C:
20) Jhoan Urena, 3B, Grade C+/C:

A few observations…

I was surprised to see that SS Luis Guillorme was left off this list. I consider him much more of a shortstop ‘prospect’ than either Reynolds or Carpio.

I also found it surprising that Sickles had Rosario listed as a shortstop. Does he know something we all don’t know?

Other than that, it’s the usual list of subjects.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


New Met - RP - Stolmy Pimentel


From Adam Rubin...

The New York Mets have signed right-hander Stolmy Pimentel to a minor league contract with an invitation to major league camp for spring training.
Pimentel, 25, had a 3.97 ERA in eight relief appearances for the Texas Rangers in 2015. He made 12 relief appearances with the Pittsburgh Pirates the previous two seasons.
Pimentel originally was signed by the Boston Red Sox in 2006 out of the Dominican Republic.
Pimentel is the second player added by the Mets to a minor league deal with spring-training invite this offseason. Ty Kelly was signed by the Mets on Nov. 13.
2013Pittsburgh PiratesNLMLB38pit23 001.9300109.16420292000.865.790.001.938.684.50
2014Pittsburgh PiratesNLMLB38pit24 215.230011032.2341919516382021.539.371.384.4110.472.38
2015Round RockPCLAAA29tex25-1.7535.401712002071.2864443933606101.6610.801.134.147.531.82
2015Texas RangersALMLB57tex25 013.97005011.111551371001.248.740.792.385.562.33
MLB Totals (3 seasons)224.423300017053512826621545021.368.661.023.579.172.57
MLB: Average per 162 Games444.42680003501091055854124311110041.368.661.023.579.172.57
Minor League Totals (8 seasons)47524.3116214940317787884253737826460953501.359.120.903.057.042.31
AAA (3 seasons)794.07322610311661628275155412311101.308.780.812.936.672.28
AA (4 seasons)10195.11555320002502701621422510518318101.509.720.903.786.591.74
A+ (3 seasons)15154.15383600001821709484195913916201.268.410.942.926.872.36
A (1 seasons)1073.8124231000118135625012291036101.3910.300.922.217.863.55
A- (1 seasons)523.141311000063512522717612001.
Mack - I assume this move was made to add a possible new arm to the parent pen, not add another one to the nine penciled in for Las Vegas (Paul Sewald, Akeel Morris, Josh Smoker, Dario Alvarez, Jeff Walters, Zach Thornton, Beck Wheeler, Chase Huchingson and Chase Bradford.
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