Duda to Rehab with B-Mets This Weekend


New York Mets first baseman Lucas Duda will play with the Binghamton Mets this Saturday and Sunday on a Major League rehab assignment. Duda played two seasons with the B-Mets in 2009 and 2010 on his way to his Major League debut with the Mets five years ago. Duda landed on the disabled list on August 22 after suffering a thoracic herniation in his back

The Mets selected Duda in the 7th round of the 2007 draft out of the University of Southern California. In 2009, the left-hand hitting first baseman swatted nine home runs and 29 doubles in 110 games in his first season in Binghamton. He returned in 2010 for 45 games in the Southern Tier before a promotion to Triple-A.

Duda made his Major League debut in September 2010. Over six seasons, Duda has hit 95 home runs, including 30 in 2014. He has played 113 games in 2015, hitting .247 with 21 home runs and 56 RBI.

Ernest Dove - Can Michael Conforto Be Hitter Version of Madison Bumgarner Come Postseason?


  So, was that a sexy enough title for you? 

  I've written in the past about recent postseason surprises, and the 'under age 26' studs who became stars in the postseason.  So I wanted to further shed some light on the recent emergence of rookie Michael Conforto, and discuss thoughts on whether or not he can continue his surprising emergence right through the October.

  Rookies come into this league with all different types of expectations, projections, development and performance.  Conforto has quickly broke the mold with his own specific meteoric rise through the system and onto the big stage.

  Many of us all know about the rise of then 24 year old Bumgarner, who took the hearts of all of the west coast, and true baseball fans alike with his incredible run through the 2014 postseason.  he put up video game numbers throughout the playoffs, including an ERA under 0.50 while heading along his way right into being named MVP of the world series.  I bring this up not only to shine light on his performance, but to also quietly mention another San Francisco Giant who's had his own share of success at an early age, as a hitter.  One Buster Posey.

  Long before Bumgarner was dominating players older then him on the big stage, a then 23 year old Posey showed up in the postseason of 2010 and proceeded to hit .375 against the Atlanta Braves in the NLDS.  After struggling against the Phillies (wait, the Phillies?) in the NLCS that year, Buster Posey showed out on baseball's biggest stage and hit .300 with a homer in the world series against the Texas Rangers.

  I bring this up because honestly, you just never know.  Young stars of the game can look like stars early on.  They can also randomly show up at random ages and hype (see David Freese) to perform above and beyond expectations when it counts the most.  The Mets themselves are projected to be on a collision course to face the 'money is no object' Dodgers and their aces which includes Clayton Kershaw, who many agree is the best lefty in baseball, and possibly already one of the best lefties of our generation.  However, along with being 'great' and along with being extremely high paid,

Kershaw also quietly (or not quietly if you're a Dodgers fan) sports a career  5.13 ERA and 1.235 WHIP in the postseason which spans from the tender age of 20 all the way into his age 26 year.
  So, what do the Mets have here in Michael Conforto?  Well, for starters, they have a 22 year old who is not even supposed to be on the roster.  The Mets entered the 2015 season with a reigning Gold Glove winner in Center, a disappointing yet HIGHLY paid Granderson in Right, and a new veteran 8 figure man paid to patrol Left.  There have definitely many differences in opinion on Conforto since being drafted.  It starts with some even questioning the draft pick in the first place.  It then continues on from the aftermath of the trade, public decries by Sandy Alderson and company that Conforto was an 'advanced bat' who would move quickly through the system.  Only to then leave the College hitter in a half season league playing for the Cyclones right up until the end of 2014.

  Then, much to the dismay of some hardcore followers of minor league ball and its top players, Conforto showed up as a 22 year old down in Port St. Lucie instead of maybe an aggressive placement all the way onto the AA 'show me' level of professional baseball.  And then, from there, we know that he began to completely dominate A ball pitching, leading to numerous walks, avoidance of facing him, and even a lull during the season in performance before regaining his swagger right into that AA level.  Then, while dominating for Bingo right from day one, the issues continued for the Mets.  The rumors had already begun regarding Lagares and his elbow, to go along with his sophomore slump type hitting and fielding.  Granderson was starting to show off and finally (in the eyes of many) earn his big contract, while also however neglect to remember how to hit lefty pitchers.  Then there is Michael Cuddyer, the 8 figure contract man brought in to bring pop to the lineup.  He then proceeded to have trouble hitting for power, average and pretty much in any situation early on. 

  As the outcries got louder, the poor performances continues from many, including the bench players in the outfield including captain Kirk, Soup and pretty much anyone and everyone they tried and could squeeze onto the 40 man and 25 man during the season.  Then, finally, a wish of many came true.  The man, the myth, the legend was called up.  Ok, I'm exaggerating, but it sounds fun to write that.  Michael Conforto, unlike every recent first round pick drafted by the Mets since Sandy and company took over, was a top hitting prospect who actually seems ready to play NOW at the major league level.  However, the problem was that he has only faced AA pitchers.  Heck, no matter how many times they tried to demote/promote the man to AAA something would pop up to prevent it (long live Cuddyer bulky knee?).

  So now what do we have?  We have a still 22 year old lefty who has put up video game number to the tune of around.400BA in the past few weeks, mostly facing opposing right handed pitchers.  Conforto has immediately showed patience at the plate, an ability to hit for average, hit for power, and use all fields.  Heck, even when teams tried to immediately go with a shift against him early one, he quickly nixed that idea for all further opposing teams by whacking a few balls opposite field.  What we now have is a budding star.  Or do we? 

  We often talked amongst ourselves and throughout other forms social media about our thoughts on players, regardless of age, getting their chance to shine, and to hell with pitch counts, limitations, post surgeries and the like.   There's no sophomore slump for a player who is still eligible for rookie status possibly into next year.  And, unlike the young guns in the rotation, Conforto is man without any proposed limitations or need for close monitoring or innings cap.  So, should the Mets ride this young man into the sunset?

  The recent chatter on Macks Mets has been all about the 'platoon'.  Conforto, despite the on-field proof at the major league level of readiness, is continuing to be set up to succeed by hitting only against right handed pitchers.  Yes, his minor league stats show a man who has no issues hitting lefties.  However, the key word is 'minor' as far as league.   Not only that, we are talking about AA level minors.  Yes, we can also very much argue the importance of AAA as a level, and the theory that most teams perceive AA to be that show me level where every top prospect can and must succeed and be given at bats as opposed to the 'pit stop' level of AAA.  However, even my non expert eyes can see that Conforto mashing 89MPH fastballs down in port st lucie is a lot different than facing Clayton Kershaw in the majors.  (I'm mentioning A ball because I never got to see Conforto LIVE in AA, only at A ball level and spring training).

  What do you think the Mets should do?  There's definitely a history in baseball of young players, regarding of young age and experience, seemingly being unhittable as a pitcher and impossible to consistently get out as a hitter.  Does Conforto fit into the latter?

  Along with the Mets continuing to strategize and devise plans for skipping starts of the stud arms, I'm curious to see if Terry and the coaching staff find ways to crowbar Conforto into starts or at least at bats against more lefty pitchers prior to start of the postseason.  I myself have mentioned my dream scenario of Mets entering that final series against the Nationals with at least a 4 game lead, which would allow for all the arms to rest.  So, in the same breath, why not also mention the opportunity for a young stud hitter to get starts and at bats against remaining lefty they can find on the schedule and calendar during those last couple of weeks as well, even if they do remain cautious about his exposure to southpaws, justified for not.

  Again, we can argue all day about overall ability, star power, and Conforto overall skill level already.  However, if the Mets want to curtail random starts by Thor on the road, utilize Ruben (Rodney) Tejada during every Niese start, and keep giving Lagares a chance against opposing lefties, why not continue to ride with what is working?  And, why not then perhaps squeeze in a few lefty lefty matchups towards the end and take all the remaining training wheels off come October and see what happens?

  Opposing teams, specifically strong playoff opposing teams, can certainly game plan against young players.  However, how about a counter game plan which can hopefully include hitting Conforto around healthy and productive players like Murph, Duda and Travis.  There's only so many breaking pitches and just out of the zone pitches that can be thrown to a rookie who has already proven an eagle eye, and also hopefully a power bat right behind him.  Anything can happen in the postseason.  Perhaps a star is already born.  Perhaps that star will shine in front of all of America on national television.

What say you Mets fans?   


Mack’s Morning Report – 9-4-15 – Next Week's Schedule, Projected Mets 2016 25-Man, What Would I Do Over 30 Years Ago


Good morning.

Next week’s schedules for the Mets and Nats could determine the outcome of the season.

They will go up against each other for three games starting Monday (Jon Niese, Matt Harvey, and Jacob deGrom are scheduled to pitch in Washington. The Mets then move on the Atlanta for four games on the road through Sunday.

The Nats will have off on Thursday and then travel to Miami for three games to end the week. 

It’s not too early to look ahead to 2016 regardless of how this team finishes this season. There are currently 32 players on the expanded September ’25-man’ roster, however, eight of them (Bartolo Colon, Yoenis Cespedes, Tyler Clippard, Daniel Murphy, Juan Uribe, Eric O’Flaherty, Bobby Parnell, and Kelly Johnson) are not under a current 2016 contract and are scheduled to hit the free agent market. So is Jerry Blevins, who is on the DL.

In addition, recent September additions like Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Eric Young, Jr., Eric Campbell would be considered longshots to make their way back to the 25-man squad.
So, where does this leave us?

Pitchers (starters) – (5) Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, Steven Matz, Jonathan Niese, Noah Syndergaard

Pitchers (relievers) – (5) Jeurys Familia, Sean Gilmartin, Eric Goeddel, Hansel Robles, Carlos Torres

Catchers – (2) – Travis d’Arnaud, Kevin Plawecki

Infield – (5)  Lucas Duda, Wilmer Flores, Ruben Tejada, David Wright, Dilson Herrera

Outfield – (4)  Michael Conforto, Michael Cuddyer, Curtis Granderson, Juan Lagares,

That’s 21 players with four opening day openings… probably a 5th outfielder, a utility infielder, and two relievers.

There are others that remain on the disabled list and may or may not have a future on this team… pitchers Buddy Carlyle, Josh Edgin, Jack Leathersich, Zack Wheeler, and Rafael Montero… and infielder Wilfredo Tovar.

Lastly, Las Vegas could possibly supply Dario Alvarez, Darrell Cecilliani, or Brandon Nimmo to fill one or more of these slots.

Talent wise, this team would be greatly diminished from the one being put on the field this month. The secret once again will be a healthy rotation. If Montero can bounce back and be the spot starter/long man needed, followed by a healthy Wheeler around July, the Mets could easily dominate this division just through their starters.
Hitting wise, you have five potential players that can hit 20+ home runs a year… 

Wright, Duda, Flores, d’Arnaud, Conforto. Add 15+ for Cuddyer and Herrera. What you don’t have is the ‘Cespedes factor’ that glues the lineup together.

Barry asked –

Morning sir. Hope things are well with you! Can I ask a non Mets question to flavor up this Friday's blog? If you could go back thirty years what would you do differently?
I am truly interested and know I can learn from your wisdom. Thanks in Advance

          Mack – Wow, where do I start?

          Well, first thing first… 30 years ago three of us sold an AM/FM radio station combo that we had bought a few years before that for $1mil, for $4.4mil cash. We took that money and pissed it all away in a purchase of two radio stations in the Florida panhandle. If I could go back, I would take my $560K payout from the original deal, walk away, buy AOL stock, and… well, you get the picture.

Secondly, I would have taken these 30 years to remain in the broadcasting industry, but as a manager in an established broadcast company rather than an arrogant independent owner. I would have worked for a company that could supply me a long term health plan, 401K, and stock options if they were to go public. Everyone eventually did back then and those that had this stipulation built into their contracts, became instantly rich. Speaking of contracts, I would never have worked for anyone again without an iron clad contract approved by mu attorney, not theirs.

And lastly, but most importantly, I would have spent more time with my wife and family. I had already quit drinking/partying 30 years ago, but I still spent too much time away from my primary duties as a husband and father. I missed so many dance recitals and school nights because I thought it was more import to out to dinner with a client or travel to another city for a business meeting (what we used to call golf outings).

Hope this answered your question.

DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Update 9/3/15


DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Update 9/3/15

STAR OF THE DAY: Brooklyn bats



Las Vegas (75-65)  1 - El Paso 10

Binghamton (75-62) 1 - Reading 2

St Lucie (67-68) 2 - Bradenton 4

Savannah (82-51)  5 - Greenville 6

Brooklyn (33-39)  5 - Connecticut 3

Kingsport (37-27)  - Greeneville: Playoff game 2-1 win


Now Here's the Scoop:

Las Vegas yelled " It's Seth Lugo Time!"  At least, that's how I picture it :) 

I don't care where you go, I go for Lugo. Especially since he left Bingo.

Anyway, after all that build up, Lugo gave up 3 runs in 4 IP. Matt Bowman gave up 4 runs in laughing, and Thornto 3 runs. The 51s offense did zip. El Paso passed the 51s by a half game.

Binghamton rolled with knucklballin' Mickey Jannis. He was great, but he lost as Bingo hitters managed just 2 hits and a run. TJ Rivera homered (.350).

St Lucie went with Scarlyn Reyes who allowed 2 runs over 6 innings. Lucie did not hit, and lost.


Savannah got washed out last night, but they're far from washed up.  75-34 in their past 109 games, actually.  

Josh Prevost hoped to keep the Big Gnat Machine rolling tonight. But despite a 5-2 lead, four late runs coughed up this game. Becerra 3 RBI game gave him 62.

Brooklyn (32-39 coming in) hoped to avoid 40 loss humiliation tonight. And so they did. Timely hitting today.

Kingsport's playoff push starts tonight, after an incredibly hot last 25 games. And game 1 went well, with a 2-1 win..

GOAT: Matt Bowman and Zach Thornton



Smith wins FSL Player of the Year honor


St. Lucie Mets first baseman Dominic Smith has been named the Florida State League Player of the Year, the League announced on Thursday.

Smith, 20, is rated as the New York Mets No. 6 prospect by MLB.com and is MLB.com’s No. 99 overall prospect.

“I am grateful and humbled to be voted as the Player of the Year in the FSL,” Smith said. “There are many talented players in this league and the level of competition day in and day out makes the FSL very challenging. I’d like to thank my coaches, staff, teammates and the Mets for their support and helping me become a better player. Without them this honor would not be possible.”

Smith has spent his entire 2015 season in the FSL. He is among the league leaders in several offensive categories including: batting average (.305, 5th) RBI (79, 1st), doubles (33, 1st), slugging (.417, 3rd), hits (139, 4th) and total bases (190, 5th).

The offensive numbers really stand out considering Smith was hampered by an ankle injury for most of April and only hit .211 in his first month.

Perhaps even more impressive than the advanced offense is the spectacular defense displayed by Smith at first base. He owns a .990 fielding percentage and has been a wizard at the bag by showing off a terrific scooping ability and a quickness to stab ground balls.

Smith was the Mets first round draft pick in 2013. He was chosen 11th overall out of Serra High School in Los Angeles, Calif. He began the season as a 19-year old and the fourth youngest player in the FSL.

Smith was named the FSL Player of the Month in July. Late in May he was named the League’s Player of the Week.

Matt Oberste and Jeff McNeil were also named 2015 FSL All Stars as designated hitter and third baseman, respectively.

Oberste has had a strong second half. Entering Thursday he’s fourth in the FSL in batting average (.306), second in slugging (.435) and second in OBP (.365). Oberste is batting .332 in the second half and he hit .381 in August.

Oberste is in his first year with St. Lucie. He was selected in the seventh round of the 2013 draft out of Oklahoma.

McNeil earned a promotion to Double-A Binghamton on Thursday. He finishes his 2015 stint in the FSL with a .312 batting average (2nd), 146 hits (3rd) a .373 OBP (1st) and 80 runs (1st). McNeil played in 112 games with St. Lucie this year and was the starting second baseman in the FSL All Star Game at Tradition Field.



The Brooklyn Cyclones have announced that the New York Mets promoted 2B Vinny Siena & 1B/OF/DH Jeff Diehl to the St. Lucie Mets.
They are the 2nd & 3rd players to leave the team this week, joining closer Alex Palsha.
Vinny Siena
Vinny Siena
Siena was the Mets 14th round draft pick from the UConn Huskies.
In 68 games in Brooklyn, Siena hit .273 with 6 doubles, a triple and 18 RBIs. He also stole 9 bases and drew 24 walks. He led the team with 32 runs scored & 69 hits.
Siena was the only position player on the Brooklyn to appear in the 2015 NYPL All Star Game.

Jeff Diehl
Jeff Diehl
Jeff Diehl appeared in 58 games this season for Brooklyn, his 2nd overall, hitting .289 leading the team.
Diehl led the team in home runs with 5, while collecting 52 hits, 12 doubles, & 20 RBIs. He also scored 31 runs and drew 28 walks.
For his Cyclones career, Diehl appeared in 94 games, hitting .279 with 19 doubles, a triple, 6 homers, 33 RBIs & 32 walks.




Following the daily progress of all of the Mets' minor league squads, you get a good feel for "Who's Hot, Who's Not."  But sometimes guys do well but don't quite catch your attention for some reason or other, but there they are when you do in fact look, and then you appreciate and reassess them.

Two guys fit that category, just catching my attention more in recent days, Matt Oberste and Christian Montgomery.

Matt Oberste, an 11th rounder in 2013, started the season playing part time, with Michael Conforto getting all the attention through his late May promotion, and then Dominic Smith going on a tear and becoming the focus on St Lucie along with a streaking Jeff McNeil..

Matt was an OK .259 on May 30, having played in only 36 games to that point.

He then went 4-5 on May 31, and has hit .333 since that date.

Since August 1, he has hit a shade under .400, .450 on base, .520 slug.  With only 12 Ks in those 29 games. The 6'2", 220 righty may never fit into the Mets' major league plans, but he suddenly looks like a future major leaguer.

How is He doing versus his peers?  He was in the top 6 in FSL average, on base %, slugging %, and RBIs, despite not playing in 27 of St Lucie's games.

 He has my attention now.

Christian Montgomery was awful and hardly pitched prior to this year, for a variety of reasons, despite high octane velocity.

He started this year great, however, in Brooklyn, not allowing a run in 9.2 innings while fanning 18.

He got a quick promo to Savannah, where in his first several outings, spanning 8 innings, he gave up 13 runs.  Ouch!

So will the real Montgomery please stand up?  He certainly has, of late.

In his last 3 outings, eye-popping: 6.1 innings pitched, 1 hit, 15 strikeouts, that's 15 of 21 batters by the K. Wow.

Which tells me the 22 year old fireballer may have big league pen stuff by 2017.  Another INTRIGUING guy well worth watching.

There are more INTRIGUING Mets prospect tales, but I felt to highlight these 2 today.

Have a great day.

DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Results - 9/2/15


DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Results - 9-2-15





Las Vegas (75-64) 1 - El Paso 2, 11 innings

Binghamton (75-61) 16 - Reading 4

St Lucie (67-67)  OFF TODAY

Savannah (82-50)  - Augusta RAINED OUT

Brooklyn (32-39)  - Connecticut. TWIN BILL SPLIT

- Game 1 won 7-1

- Game 2 lost 2-1

Kingsport ALSO AN OFF DAY. 


Now Here's the Scoop:

Las Vegas went with Tim Stauffer (4-0, 2.23) in the bid to stay ahead of El Paso. Other than Travis Taijeron's 25th, the offense was comatose in a 2-1 loss in 11, won when Chase Bradford surrendered the go ahead run.

Binghamton's 5-0, 1.95 Tyler Pill hoped to stay perfect in his return to AA. He did, moving to 6-0, as he led the Bingo hitters with a 3-5 night. If my mental calcs are correct, he is a stunning 14-28 at the plate this year and last.

Xorge Carillo went 4-5 with 2 homers (10) and Lee Mazzilli also went 4-5 (.269) in this 16 run, 21 hit barrage.



Savannah sent Josh Prevost to the hill today. He fond it soggy, and yes, another rain out.

Brooklyn doing the doubleheader deal to make up for a June 28 wash out.

Won the first 7-1 behind solid pitching by Villasmil, and Des Lindsay and Jose Garcia (.304) drove in 2 runs each.

Back to insufficient offense in the nightcap. Jeff Diehl (.289) drove in the Clones' only run with his 5th Jack.

Kingsport's got an OFF DAY! Tomorrow, the playoffs against mighty Greeneville!

GOAT: Rain


The Morning Report 9.3.2015 | The Harvey Plan is the Right Plan, Lost Season for Vic Black, Conforto Continues to Platoon in 2015


Matt Vaccaro New York Post- Harvey had started the game brilliantly, had clearly lost a yard or two on his fastball, had lost a little bite on the other pitches. After a month of otherworldliness, he had merely been of-this-world-liness. The Mets were fine with that. Identifying Harvey for what they believe him to be — their horse, the nucleus around which their precise October plans reside — is more essential. And as his strength sapped, we might have seen that a vulnerable Harvey still can be a valuable Harvey. “This is the time of year we’ve talked about, that he’s talked about,” Collins had said before the game. “One of the things we had discussed all summer long, when all the innings things started to rear its ugly head, Matt said, ‘I’m pitching in the playoffs. If we get to the playoffs, I want to be able to pitch.’ ”

(Chris Soto: There is now talks about skipping Harvey again during the month of September just to be sure that he will have innings left over for October should the Mets hold on and get there. It's the smart move and the correct one at the same time and Harvey seems to finally be on board with the plan. Secretly, the front office is hoping that the team continues to put the peddle to the floor and lock this thing up before the last week of the season. If they can, it will allow them to essentially bench deGrom, Syndergaard, and Harvey for another turn through the rotation to make sure they are fresh for the start of the playoffs.)

Joe D. Metsmerized Online- When I first learned that the Mets had traded Marlon Byrd to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Vic Black and Dilson Herrera, I remember an article on FanGraphs entitled Vic Black, Pirates Closer of the Future. I became a huge Black fan almost immediately. He had an electric 4-seam fastball and a great slider that came down and in to left-handed hitters, potentially making him a solid crossover reliever in the near future. I had high hopes for him. So it was kind of sad to hear that the Mets had outrighted him to Triple-A Las Vegas on Tuesday, which essentially means he was removed from the 40 man roster. A herniated disc in his neck as well as a shoulder strain sent him to the DL and derailed his season.

(Chris Soto: I was very surprised that Black not only was DFA'd off the 40 man roster...but actually cleared waivers. There are a number of rebuilding teams that could certainly use a strong young arm to anchor their future rotations. The fact that he cleared means that GM's all around the MLB are afraid about just how much damage he has sustained from his injuries over the past 18 months. Like Joe said...it really is a shame to see so much talented be limited due to poor health. Hopefully Black can recover some more over the off-season and earn a spot back on the 40 man roster next year.)

Adam Rubin ESPN New York-  New York Mets manager Terry Collins consistently has said that rookie left fielder Michael Conforto will not be a platoon player during his career. Still, because of the presence of righty-hitting outfielders Yoenis Cespedes, Michael Cuddyer and Juan Lagares, the lefty-hitting Conforto essentially will be a platoon player this season. “We’ve brought people in here that hit lefties, that have a career record of hitting lefties,” Collins said. “And right now that’s what we’ve been doing, and I’m going to stay with it.”

(Chris Soto: Look...there is no doubt that Conforto is going to be a special player for the Mets for at a bare minimum the next 6 seasons, However, the Mets have guys on the roster right now that crush lefties. There's no sense letting those guys ride the pine.....like Keith Hernandez says "Play to Your  Strengths!" Having Conforto in vs righties and other guys in vs lefties it working really well right now so if it aint broke....don't fix it! There will be an everyday job for him in 2016.)


September 2nd 2015 -- Mets 9, Phillies 4

Wednesday night at Citi Field, Matt Harvey got some run support for a change; the Mets take 2 of 3 from the Phillies with a 9-4 win.  The Mets provided the Dark Knight with some breathing room scoring 3 times in the 2nd and 3rd innings against Aaron Nola. In the 2nd David Wright singled and then scored on a RBI double by Kelly Johnson.  Then in an odd play, Domonic Brown missed a bloop down the right field line by Ruben Tejada and then went flipping over the short fence into to stands as the ball rolled to the wall and Tejada had a 2 run inside the park home run, the first inside the park job for the Mets at Citi Field since 2010, for Tejada his 3rd homer on the year to make it 3-0. In the 3rd, Curtis Granderson singled and scored on a RBI double by Daniel Murphy. Michael Conforto then lined an opposite field 2 run homer, his 5th on the year for a 6-0 Met lead.  Harvey ran into some trouble in the 5th yielding 3 runs on 4 hits in the frame.  Erik Kratz had a 2 run double to make it 6-2.  With Kratz on third, Cesar Hernandez reached on an infield single to 1st scoring Kratz to make it 6-3.  In the 6th Tejada drove in his 3rd run of the game on a fielder’s choice to make it 7-3.  Darnell Sweeney made it a 7-4 game in the top of the 7th with a solo homer, his 3rd on the year. Tejada’s RBI single in the 7th brought home Kelly Johnson from 2nd to make it 8-4. Cespedes launched a solo homer in the 8th, his 10th as a Met and 28th on the year to put the icing on the cake for the Mets. Harvey was human on the night lasting 6 1/3 innings allowing 9 hits 4 runs (all earned) walking 1 and striking out 9. He gets the well supported win he’s now 12-7. Nola takes the loss falling to 5-2. Sean Gilmartin retired the side in the 7th on a double play completed when Hernandez ran out of the baseline.  Tyler Clippard pitched a scoreless 8th; Addison Reed pitched the 9th. Tejada led the way with the homer and 4 RBI, Travis d’Arnaud and Cespedes had 3 hits, David Wright, Johnson, Tejada and Michael Conforto all had 2 hits apiece as the Amazins amassed 16 on the night. With the win the Mets improve to 14-2 against the Phillies in 2015. They are 74-59 on the season and 45-24 at Citi Field.  The Mets are currently 7 games ahead of the Nats in the NL East. That lead can swing ½ game either way pending the outcome of the Nats came against the Cards in St. Louis. The Mets are off on Thursday, Friday night the Mets travel to Miami to take on the Marlins. Jacob deGrom (12-7 2.32) goes for the Mets, Tim Koehler (8-13 4.12) goes for the Fish. 
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